Homeschool families have found an artistic home at the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center with a program that has continued to grow over the years! While programs are open to all youth, many of the art programs listed below are specifically designed to fulfill the Kansas State Art Education requirements for homeschool families. To inquire about the programs or to request a program of specific content, please email Fine Arts Coordinator, Devin Graham.

Art Adventures (Ages 6-17)

Teaching Artist: Marcianne Wagner Heaton, Program Assistant: Allison Bowman

Collaborative experiences will encourage you to explore art through consideration, conversation, and creation! This class is designed to supplement homeschool curriculum. Homeschool Art Adventures has multiple levels* with recommendations based on artistic skills and classroom readiness. Email if you need assistance determining which might be the right fit for you.

*Level III is by invitation based on classroom readiness and artistic skills displayed in a previously participated class. 

Young girl draws on paper

Register: Level I Thursdays, 10am-12pm

Register: Level II Thursdays, 1pm-3pm

Level III Tuesdays, 1pm-3pm*

Level III Wednesdays, 1pm-3pm*

*Level III is also available but requires approval. Email to inquire.

Artist Study (Ages 6-17)

Teaching ArtisTeen Girl Painting a Landscape Opens in new windowt: Marcianne Wagner-Heaton

Set as a singular workshop, this series will allow students to explore an artist in-depth through literature references, biographical histories, and actual art-making in the format of the artist. 

Register: January 17 1pm-3pm, Jackson Pollock

Register: January 31 1pm-3pm, Pablo Picasso

Register: February 21 1pm-3pm, Helen Frankenthaler

Register: March 27 1pm-3pm, Alexander Calder

Register: April 17 1pm-3pm, Georgia O’Keefe

Ceramics (Ages 6-17)

Teaching ArtistYoung girl rolls clay: Brook Griffin

Clay provides an opportunity for problem-solving and creative thinking. Learn score and slip, how to use various clay tools, and apply glaze to a finished design. 

Clay Creations

Register: Wednesday Session (Ages 6-11)

Register: Thursday Session (Ages 11 & Older)

Potter’s Wheel

Register: Wednesday Session (Ages 8-12)

Register: Thursday Session (Ages 13-15)

Open Art Studio (All Ages)

Teaching Artist: Allison Bowman

Every Friday, 10am-12pm

Let’s get creative! Join us as we explore new and exciting materials. A guided project is available, but you are the artist! A parent or guardian is required to stay with anyone 13 years and younger. Cost is $5 per person, including child and adult. No pre-registration required; check-in at the front desk.