Olathe Out-of-School-Time Registration!

 Registration for the 2023-2024 OST School Year is now open!

Registration is open throughout the school year based upon availability.  

  If you register, your Required Emergency Forms (ePACT) will have to be completed before your child can attend.  We require a week's notice before your start date. 

How to Register and Create an Account in ActiveNet...…

  1. Click on the link to register for Olathe OST HERE
  2. Click "Sign In" to log in to your account.  Do not create a new account if you already have one.   If your child has not been enrolled in our programs before, you will need to create an account.
  3. Once logged in, click on “Activities” tab across the top banner bar.
  4. Search for your child’s school name in the search bar
  5. Click on "OST Olathe 23-24: (School Name)"
  6. Click "Enroll Now".  Select your "participant" name, the program, and schedule you wish to register in.  (If you are wanting both before and after school, you will need to check both of them.) 
    • If a particular day is full, it will be red, and it will give you the option to be added to the waiting list. 
  7. If you are registering multiple children, select another "Register Another Participant" (blue font under ‘add to cart’ button). 
  8. Select the next participant, and select the program and schedule you wish to register in.  
  9. When all siblings have been selected, then click "Add to Cart. 
    •  The second child discount will be automatically applied!  
  10. You should see all your children's schedules in your cart, and then click "Check Out".  
    • The fee summary is the total for the school year.  You are ONLY paying the registration fee of $50.00 at the time of check out.  Tuition will come out as reoccurring payments the Friday before care.  Once you pay the required registration fee, you will receive a confirmation email with which days you are in the program.
    • **You will have to wait 5 business days from the day that you register to start the program.**
  11. An email invitation will be sent to you via ePACT, asking you to complete/reconfirm the KDHE required forms for your child to participate in our program. 

  • Space is limited and does fill fast.  
  • If a particular day is full, it will be red, and it will give you the option to be added to the waiting list.
  • Your child's ePACT paperwork must be complete before you can start!  These forms are required by KDHE. 
ActiveNet Registration FAQ

If you are having issues with registering, check out our "FAQ for Registering & Creating your Account!" We also recommend using a desktop computer if possible.

2023-2024 OST Weekly Program Fees 

Fees include all snacks, field trips, and activities.  There is no charge for programming (7am-6pm) on Teacher Inservice Days & conference days for Full Time After School enrollees.  Part Time participants are charged $30 if no-school day does not fall on their regularly scheduled day.  Programming for your child begins on their first day of school.

4-5 Days
1-3 Days
Before School (7:00a-8:20a)$48.00$44.00
After School (3:30p-6:00p)$74.00$56.00
Before & After School$90.00$70.00
10% Discount for second child (same household)
Registration Fee (required)$50.00
Declined Payment Fee$30.00
Program Options Change Fee$15.00
Late Pick-Up Fee$1/minute

2023-2024 Eligibility-Based Reduced Rates

*Rates apply to eligible families who do not receive other forms of child care subsidy.

*Verification letter from the school district must be provided to receive reduced rates. Send Reduced/Free Lunch Letter to [email protected].

4-5 Days
1-3 Days
Before & After (REDUCED LUNCH ELIGIBLE)$60.00n/a
Before & After (FREE LUNCH ELIGIBLE)$45.00n/a
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