Youth Programs


Hey kids...learn, explore, and have a blast at Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse!  We have summer camps, school day out fun, cooking, engineering, fun holiday events and more to keep your minds learning and your bodies moving!

Youth: Kids Night Out

Life size Connect 4®, Family Feud™, Twister and more! Learn a new table game you have never played before. Pizza, ice cream and drinks will be served.

1 -  3 hr. class - $14 / $16 nonresidents 

17090       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     2/4    Fri          6 pm

Discovery: Challenge Island - President's Day Camp (Ages 5-12)

When school is out, STEAM is in! Challenge Island Presidents' Day camp is the perfect destination for your child's presidential school break! Join us for a morning of American themed challenges in this exciting camp!

1 -  3 hr. class - $44 / $49 nonresidents 

17088       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     2/21    Mon          9 am

Youth: Fun at the Clubhouse

Dinner, games, craft, and snacks! Have a fun night with friends! 

1 -  3 hr. class - $14 / $16 nonresidents 

17091       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     3/4    Fri          6 pm

Teen: Fiction Writing

Ready to write a story? In this class we will take your story from where it is right now and move it forward. In addition to learning writing techniques. 

4 -  1 hr. & 30 min. classes - $32 / $35 nonresidents 

17089       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     3/10    Thu          6 pm

Discovery: Challenge Island- Spring Break-Pets Palooza (Ages 6-12)

Wag on over to the most PAWSOME camp in town! You and your group will open your own pet businesses and engineer your own pet world - from pet playgrounds to grooming spas to food and treat trucks to posh pet houses to veterinarian offices. This STEAMtastic camp is a must for every pet-loving kid! 

5 -  3 hr. classes - $175 / $193 nonresidents 

17075       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     3/14    Mon-Fri          9 am

Computers: Grandparent/Child Intro to Gaming 12+

Are you looking for a new hobby that offers mental and physical stimulation? Have you heard about certain buzzword games, such as Fortnite™, Destiny™, or Minecraft™ and want to learn about them? Or perhaps your children or other younger relatives are passionate about video games and you want to familiarize yourself with them for a bonding opportunity? Then this is the class for you. We’ll discuss basic gaming terminology, ESRB ratings, platforms, genres, and modalities. We’ll look into the potential physical therapy benefits of virtual reality, the mental coordination benefit offered by FPS and twitch-based games, and everything in between. From hardware questions concerning gamepads, console generations, and video ports, to age-appropriate content and brand differences, this class will get you up to speed with modern gaming and all it offers.

1 -  1 hr. & 30 min. class - $15 / $17 nonresidents 

17087       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     3/22    Tue          1 pm

Pickleball 101 (Ages 8-16)

Learn all things pickleball! Class will cover terminology, rules, basic hits, serves and more! Bring your own paddle. 

4 -  1 hr. & 30 min. classes - $45 / $51 nonresidents 

17126       Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse     4/4    Mon          6 pm

Discovery: Challenge Island SLIME SQUAD Camp (Ages 6-12)

Our original bestselling slime experience takes kids into a new slime-filled world every day: From alien ooze to ghostly goo to monster muck to lava, too. No matter how you squish, squeeze, or stretch it, this camp promises to be a blockbuster hit! 

5 - 3 hr. camps - $205 / $225 nonresidents

17971      Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      6/6 - 6/10        Mon - Fri      9 am - 12 pm

17972      Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      7/11 - 7/15      Mon - Fri      9 am - 12 pm 

*Registration opens on 1/24.

Discovery: Mad Science 3, 2, 1 Blastoff Camp

3,2,1 BLASTOFF CAMP (Ages 8-12) - This action-packed week will focus on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers will build several different types of rockets and participate in the launching of multiple different rockets during the weeklong program. Children will be divided into three groups; altitude trackers, launch preparation and launchers for all rocket launches and will get the opportunity to try all three roles.

5 - 7 hr. camps - $273 / $301 nonresidents

17975     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      6/13 - 6/17      Mon - Fri      9 am - 4 pm

*Registration opens on 1/24.

Discovery: Challenge Island Xtreme Steam Sports Camp

An indoor camp with outdoor spirit, our Xtreme STEAM Sports adventure scores big with every All-Star Kid! You and your STEAM team will have a ball learning the science behind the world’s most popular sports while engineering your way through a stadium full of sporting events! A winner every time, this sporty camp is a Challenge Island fan favorite!

4 - 3 hr. camps - $273 / $301 nonresidents

17973     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      6/21 - 6/24      Mon - Fri      9 am - 12 pm

*Registration opens on 1/24.

Discovery: Mad Science Claws, Codes and Cosmos

Discover how to send secret messages to your friends using special codes. Learn about your surrounding environment and how science will help us protect our planet. Explore how Newton's laws are at work in your favorite sport. Become a young astronaut for a day while exploring the mysteries of the solar system.

5 - 7 hr. camps - $260 / $286 nonresidents

17976     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      6/27 - 7/1      Mon - Fri      9 am - 4 pm

*Registration opens on 1/24.

Discovery: Mad Science Eureka! The Inventor's Camp

Creative Contraption Warning! This is a camp designed by you-the Inventor! Each day you'll be given a series of challenges which must be overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors and the most important thing of all - your mind. With a little bit of ingenuity you'll construct catapults and forts and then lay siege, fabricate a winning Egg Drop design, construct a dancing robot and assemble a working light saber to take home. While Thomas Edison said invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, this camp is 100% fun!

5 - 7 hr. camps - $260 / $286 nonresidents

17977     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      7/18 - 7/22      Mon - Fri      9 am - 4 pm

*Registration opens on 1/24.

Discovery: Challenge Island Super STEAM Hero Camp (Ages 5-12)

Wham! Bam! Pow! Kaboom! Calling all Super STEAM Kids to a high-flying Challenge Island® experience! You and your superhero squad will channel your extraordinary powers into a universe of challenges inspired by your favorite Super STEAM Hero and SHerocharacters. This Incredible camp promises to be a Super-Duper and unforgettable adventure for every boy and girl!

5 - 3 hr. camps - $175 / $193 nonresidents

17974     Meadowbrook Park Clubhouse      7/25 - 7/29      Mon - Fri      9 am - 12 pm

*Registration opens on 1/24.