E-Bike Pilot Project

JCPRD is conducting a 6-month pilot project to evaluate the use of E-bikes on our paved trails.

The pilot project will allow the use of Class 1 and Class 3 E-Bikes on JCPRD's shared-use paved trails from July 15, 2019 through January 15, 2020. 

Class 1 and Class 3 e-bikes are defined as low-speed bicycles with fully operable pedals and an electric motor of less than 750 watts (one horsepower) . The top speed that can be generated by the motor is 20 miles per hour for Class 1, and 28 miles per hour for Class 3. E-bikes must be pedaled to activate the motor.


Class 1 and Class 3 E-Bikes Only - No Other Motorized Conveyances Allowed

  • Operate your Bike/E-Bike Responsibly
  • Respect Other Trail Users
  • Wear a helmet
  • Use hand signals
  • Never ride distracted

Trail Courtesies for All Users

  • Share the Trail
  • Pedestrians Keep Right
  • Bicyclists Keep Right Except to Pass
  • Bicyclists Announce Your Presence When Approaching Other Trail Users
  • Pass with Care
  • Travel at a Safe Speed
  • Don't Block the Trail
  • Keep Dogs Under Control - 6' Leash Maximum


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And Coming Soon... JCPRD will introduce a new BikeShare initiative brought to you by RideKC Bike!

BikeShare-RideKC Bike

Pedal-Powered Bikes are coming to JCPRD from RideKC Bike.

Learn more about how it works and download the app from

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More Info Coming Soon...