Art Exhibits

The mission of the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center art exhibitions program is to celebrate the diversity and rich culture of our home. It is our goal to create thought-provoking exhibitions that encourage a new perspective of Johnson County’s place within the global community. 

Many of the works in the exhibit are available for purchase directly through the artist, and all proceeds are retained by the artist.
All art exhibitions are free to view by the public. See calendar below for this year's exhibition schedule.

For information on other JCPRD galleries visit our Satellite Galleries page. 

Current Exhibit: 
Teaching Artist Showcase

The JoCo Arts and Heritage Center is privileged to have a group of amazingly talented artists that comprise our Fine Arts teaching artist staff. From ceramics and acrylic painting to homeschool arts and sewing, our Fine Arts teaching artists show a love for both arts and arts education that shines through in their teaching. This exhibit showcases and celebrates our teaching artists and their personal art practices.

  • Artists: 

    Allison Bowman, Teaches Acrylic Painting
    Marci Wagner-Heaton, Teaches Homeschool Art Adventures, Watercolor, Drawing, Bookbinding, Summer Art Camps 
    Brook Griffin, Teaches adult Ceramics series
    Chelsea Smith, Teaches Ceramic Date Night, Homeschool Clay Creations, Clay Creations and Girl Scouts programs 
    Amber Kovak, Teaches Ceramics, Homeschool Making & Engineering, 50+ programming, Girl Scouts programs 
    Amanda Clark, Teaches Ceramics, Fiber Arts and Drawing

Long white wall with 6 botanical paintings and 4 ink drawings

Watercolor painting of golden fall leaves casting shadows on a white fenceTeal wall with three wooden sculptures hanging and two display cases with ceramic sculpturesTall black and white ink drawing of a volcano, all black, and black puffy clouds coming from the top

                     Marci Wagner-Heaton, Along the Fence                                                                                                                                          Chelsea Smith, Bitter Bound

       Light wooden panel with grey wooden shakes over the top, right corner surrounding a blue window    Oil painting of 5 contemporary women with rosy cheeks sitting in a park

                                                                               Amber Kovak, Blue Window                                Amanda Clark, The Girls at the Park

Ceramic sculpture of Groot with plants growing out of the top    White wall with 5 watercolors of plants and 3 oil paintings   Painting of tropical leaves with green and purple color pallet

Brook Griffin, I Am                                                                                                                                                                                                Allison Bowman, Zephyr

Creative Commons- Teal and Museum Wall

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