Art Exhibits

The mission of the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center art exhibitions program is to celebrate the diversity and rich culture of our home. It is our goal to create thought-provoking exhibitions that encourage a new perspective of Johnson County’s place within the global community. 

Many of the works in the exhibit are available for purchase directly through the artist, and all proceeds are retained by the artist.
All art exhibitions are free to view by the public. See calendar below for this year's exhibition schedule.

For information on other JCPRD galleries visit our Satellite Galleries page. 

Current Exhibits

Place of Peace, April 21st-August 19th

Place of Peace Exhibit Graphic- peace sign with flowers

The arts can help veterans find support and community, process trauma, and combat challenges such as PTS and depression. The mission of our collaborative veteran arts programming is to provide a creative outlet for veterans and community members to interact with and understand each other’s experiences; serving as an opportunity to help veterans transition to civilian life but also as a chance for participants to learn from each other, regardless of their veteran or military status, build communication and dismantle per-conceived notions and stereotypes.

 Finding a Place of Peace - be it a spiritual center, a garden, painting, theatre performance, or spending time with friends and family - is absolutely essential. It is critical in preventing a negative outcome. Let this exhibition help you find your place of peace and aid in the broader understanding of how we, as a community, can best help those who have served to protect us.



Public Art Program- Indoor Exhibit

In 2019, recognizing the growing role that art and culture plays in their mission, as well in as the way people experience parks, the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District (JCPRD) launched a Public Art Program to serve their many parks, trails, facilities, green spaces, and recreational spaces. Images of, and the stories behind, each of JCPRD's Public Art Installations is showcased indoors at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center as a way to connect our many facilities and art endeavors across the district.

   Find out more about JCPRD's Public Art Program HERE:    
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Creative Commons- Teal and Museum Wall

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