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Welcome to JCPRD!  

Dear Parents:

JCPRD is working hard to add additional staff resources in response to the increased demand for before and after school services for the upcoming school year. We have already enrolled 500 more students in the program than last year. Due to this significant increase in volume compared to previous years, we have capped enrollment at this time, and any future enrollments are being put on a waitlist.

Since being awarded this contract, we have been actively recruiting employees throughout the summer to best serve Olathe families and to meet important KDHE licensing requirements for staff to student ratios. Recruitment has been challenging and as a result we have capped enrollment until we can assure that the appropriate number of staff are in place to serve additional families. 

Please know that our goal is to accommodate every interested family and that we will continue to actively recruit extra staff to meet enrollment needs.  JCPRD welcomes parent involvement in staff recruitment. If you know of anyone who is looking for employment and would be a good fit for working with children please urge them to apply and we will interview them immediately. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.



Staff playing guitar with children

Adventure awaits your child at JCPRD Out of School Time (OST) programs!  JCPRD challenges our next generation with fun and stimulating enrichment opportunities. Multi-talented and well-educated staff facilitate opportunities to explore environmental literacy, fitness, health, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), creativity and innovation. A mixed age group setting and opportunities for gender specific activities are also included. JCPRD-OST programs are instrumental in building important life skills of problem-solving, self-confidence, teamwork, mentoring and goal-setting. Program hours are ideal for stay at home and working parents. Opportunities are available during Winter and Spring Breaks. Give your child an edge – join us before and after school, and see how they shine!


Please complete the following steps to register your child by clicking on the links for each step in the enrollment process below.  Steps must be completed for EACH CHILD enrolling.  If you would like personal assistance with Registration, please visit us at 6501 Antioch Road, Shawnee Mission, KS  66202, Building D.

1.  Registration Form

2.  Additional Required Forms

  • Additional Required Forms for each child should be emailed  following the submission of the Registration Form(s).  You may also mail the forms to:  ATTN: Registration, 6501 Antioch Road, Shawnee Mission, KS  66202.

3.  Medication Authorization Form (only needed if your child will take medication during program hours)

4.  Watch for an Email:  Once our staff have processed your paperwork (typically one week), you will receive an email prompting you to call and set up recurring payments. 

5.  Call the Registration Office (913.831.3359) to provide recurring payment information and pay the $25 Registration Fee.  

2019-20 Fall Parent Orientation Meetings 

Will be held on Wednesday, August 7th from 6-7pm at each Elementary School OST program in the school cafeteria.  Hope to see you there!

2019-2020 OST Weekly Program Fees

Fees include all snacks, field trips, and activities.  There is no charge for programming (7am-6pm) on Teacher Inservice Days & conference days for Full Time After School enrollees.  Part Time participants are charged $30 if no-school day does not fall on their regularly scheduled day.  Programming for your child begins on their first day of school.

4-5 Days
1-3 Days
Before School$43.00$40.00
After School$68.00$56.00
Before & After School$78.00$62.00
10% Discount for second child (same household)
Inservice Only
(subject to space availability)
(No-School Days when care is provided at designated locations - must enroll and pre-pay).
Registration Fee (required)$25.00
Declined Payment Fee$30.00
Program Options Change Fee$15.00
Late Pick-Up Fee$1/minute

2019-2020 Eligibility-Based Reduced Rates

*Rates apply to eligible families who do not receive other forms of child care subsidy.

*Verification letter from school district must be provided to receive reduced rates

4-5 Days
1-3 Days
Before & After (REDUCED LUNCH ELIGIBLE)$55.00n/a
Before & After (FREE LUNCH ELIGIBLE)$40.00n/a

Program Hours

*JCPRD will begin on the first day of school 8/14 and will provide programming for the early dismissal

Before School Program Hours
7:00 a.m. - 8:20 a.m.

After School Program Hours
3:40 p.m. - 6 p.m.

  1. Jennifer Anderson

    Children's Services Specialist
    Phone: 913-826-3025

  2. Rob Knaussman

    Children's Services Specialist
    Phone: 913-826-3023

  3. Charity Coker

    Children's Services Specialist
    Phone: 913-826-3063

  4. April Bysfield

    Children's Services Specialist
    Phone: 913-826-3066

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Call 913-826-3063 to schedule an interview! Refer friends, neighbors, teens, retired teachers, etc...

Tax ID:  48-6090320

Parent Orientation

A Parent Orientation will be held at each OST location for all registered participants prior to the start of school.  Time and date will be updated here when available.  

Program Locations

Arbor Creek Elementary                          Green Springs Elementary                           Prairie Center Elementary

Bentwood Elementary                             Havencroft Elementary                                 Ravenwood Elementary

Black Bob Elementary                             Heatherstone Elementary                             Regency Place Elementary

Briarwood Elementary                             Heritage Elementary                                     Ridgeview Elementary

Brougham Elementary                            Indian Creek Elementary                              Rolling Ridge Elementary

Canyon Creek Elementary                      Madison Place Elementary                          Scarborough Elementary

Cedar Creek Elementary                        Mahaffie Elementary                                    Sunnyside Elementary

Central Elementary                                 Manchester Park Elementary                      Tomahawk Elementary

Clearwater Creek Elementary                 Meadow Lane Elementary                           Walnut Grove Elementary

Countryside Elementary                         Millbrooke Elementary                                  Washington Elementary

Fairview Elementary                               Northview Elementary                                  Westview Elementary

Forest View Elementary                         Pleasant Ridge Elementary                          Woodland Elementary

Consolidated Locations

*For Inservice Days, Parent/Teacher Conference Days, and other No-School Days (not including Weather Days)*

Black Bob Elementary, 14701 Brougham Drive, Olathe 66062 - (Green Springs, Havencroft, Ridgeview)

Canyon Creek Elementary, 24001 W. 97th Terrace, Lenexa 66227 - (Manchester Park)                                                 

Cedar Creek Elementary, 11150 S. Clare Road, Olathe 66061 - (Meadow Lane)                                                       

Forest View Elementary, 12567 S. Canyon Drive, Olathe 66061 - (Fairview, Prairie Center)   

Heatherstone Elementary, 13745 W. 123rd Street, Olathe 66062 - (Bentwood, Pleasant Ridge) 

Indian Creek Elementary, 15800 Indian Creek Parkway, Olathe 66062 - (Countryside, Walnut Grove)   

Mahaffie Elementary, 1300 N. Nelson Road, Olathe 66061 - (Northview, Washington)     

Regency Place Elementary, 13250 S. Greenwood Street, Olathe 66062 - (Tomahawk, Briarwood) 

Rolling Ridge Elementary, 1500 Elm Terrace, Olathe 66061 - (Clearwater Creek, Westview, Central) 

 Scarborough Elementary, 2000 Lindenwood, Olathe 66062 - (Heritage, Brougham)

Sunnyside Elementary, 16025 S. Lindenwood, Olathe 66062 - (Arbor Creek, Madison Place)            

Woodland Elementary, 11601 S. Woodland, Olathe 66061 - (Ravenwood, Millbrooke)

Inclement Weather Locations

*School District reserves the right to close ALL locations due to severe weather

Cedar Creek Elementary

Forest View Elementary

Mahaffie Elementary

Heatherstone Elementary

Black Bob Elementary