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Live Well Age Well offers an opportunity for residents of Johnson County and the greater metro area to learn about businesses and services geared towards older adults and their loved ones. Now in its eleventh year with JCPRD, this year’s virtual event featured local experts who engaged on topics meant to provide tips, resources, and take-aways that are available online or right here in our community. 

Full recordings of each days event can be found on the tabs below. Timestamp of when each session begins are included under the session title. 

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  1. Tuesday, September 14
  2. Wednesday, September 15

Tuesday, September 14


Find Your Inner Sparkle
(Session beings at 09:47 in video)

The pandemic world has presented barriers for aging individuals that have prevented them to stay connected and engaged with the outside world.  Join Bryan Rife as he talks about the ways of a unicorn and how being one will help you stay engaged in your community as you age, continue to enjoy life, and look outside of your door.  

Presented By: Bryan Rife, Life Coach Consultant

Volunteering in Johnson County
(Session beings at 47:58 in video) 

Do you have a passion for helping those within our community? Explore various volunteer opportunities within Johnson County Government. Representatives from the Aging and Human Services Department, Election Office, Library, and JCPRD’s Special Pops Program will serve on a panel discussion session to provide information on volunteering within Johnson County Government. Volunteering is a great way to help your fellow neighbors and the community! 

Presented by:  Michelle Alexander, Johnson Count Park and Recreation District's 50 Plus Department Manager as the Panel Moderator 

Anna Collins, Johnson County Aging and Human Services Catch-a-Ride Coordinator

Amber Bourek-Slater, Johnson County Library Volunteer Services Coordinator

Andrea Lemuz-Glur, Johnson County Election Office Election Specialist

Lise Dujakovich, Johnson County Park and Recreation District's Special Pop's Program Assistant

Want to learn more?  Join one of the after event zoom rooms at the time below!

Meditation and You
(Session beings at 1:57:00 in video)

Taking a few minutes to focus your mind each day can reduce stress, pain, depression and more.  Certified meditation leader Whit Welch discusses the health benefits of meditation, how he came to practices and various ways you can incorporate meditation in your routine.  Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a short meditation session to kick off individual practice.  

Presented By: Whit Welch, Certified Meditation Leader and Johnson County Park and Recreation District's Meditation Instructor

I've Opened the Box, Now What?  
(Session beings at 2:15:52 in video)

There are technology gadgets that are being developed everyday that help you stay active, age in place safely, and stay connected to your loved ones.  Join Bryan Rife as he talks about 5 popular gadgets that are all the rave.  

Presented By: Bryan Rife, Life Coach Consultant

LWAW Homepage Pic copy 2JCPRD Tech Tips & Classes
(Session beings at 2:53:32 in video)

Ready to tackle technology challenges or expand your knowledge base? Meet David, Johnson County Park and Recreation District 50 Plus, technology instructor. Hear about upcoming learning opportunities, frequently asked questions, and technology quick tips. 

Presented By: David Prihoda, Johnson County Park and Recreation District's Technology Instructor

JCPRD Wellness Minute  
(Session beings at 3:07:25 in video)

Learn about the many fitness and wellness opportunities available across Johnson County Park and Recreation District including the Silver Sneakers and Renew Active programs that may be an included benefit through your health insurance coverage.

Presented By:  Alison Smith, Johnson County Park and Recreation District's Wellness Coordinator

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