Sunday Family Series - Fun For All Ages 


Sundays in January and February at 2 pm

45 minute program | $4 per person, including adults. Advanced Registration Recommended. Walk-in admission only if space is available.

Bring the family to Ernie Miller Nature Center on Sunday afternoons this winter for entertainment and educational experiences. Programs are presented by park naturalists, park police officers, and volunteers. Presentations begin at 2 pm and are approximately 45 minutes to one hour in length. Children age two and under are free and do not need to register. For more information, call (913) 826-2800

2023 Weekly Programs:

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Snakes Alive (Jan. 8) See Kansas snakes as we explore the facts and fallacies of these legless wonders of the natural world. 

Animal Clues (Jan. 15) While we may not always see them, animals leave clues all around us if you know what to look for. Discover these clues and meet some animals that left them behind. 

The Sacred Order of Survival (Jan. 22) A practical, hands-on lesson, in survival skills. Participants will learn about the Sacred Order of Survival, the four things you need to do to survive in the wilderness. This session will focus on simple A-frame shelter building and basic fire making skills.

Kansas Symbols (Jan. 29) Celebrate Kansas’ Statehood Day, Jan. 29! See some of the natural symbols live and in person, including live animals.   

Prehistoric Kansas (Feb.5) From the sky full of winged dinosaurs to the ocean’s depths, Kansas was an ocean landscape teaming with life! Come journey through time with us and explore the prehistoric life of ancient Kansas!

Birds of Prey (Feb. 12) See live birds! Participants will see up close examples of these magnificent raptors and their special adaptations. 

In Our Backyards (Feb. 19) Whether big or small, there is a place for all animals. Explore the habitats in our backyards to see who’s hiding there. Meet some of the critters that live in our neighborhoods.

Ferrets in Kansas (Feb. 26) Hear the stories of one of our rarest mammals and meet a live animal relative of this endangered species.