From the family trio of The Theatre in the Park, the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center and the Johnson County Museum comes a new fine arts addition: STAGEPLAY!


STAGEPLAY is an interactive, educational, performing-arts experience presented by professional teaching artists for young audiences and families (ages 5-13; K-8).  


STAGEPLAY teaching artists present an age-appropriate theatrical work, and then, through talkback sessions and immersive activities,  allow the students to have an engaging, full experience of themes and concepts in the dramatic story. Through the dramatic works, young audiences learn geography, citizenship, about interactions within different communities, cultures and social groups, history, language, and gain a greater knowledge of theatrical literacy and dramatic conventions. 


STAGEPLAY offers excellence in theatrical presentation and performance in order to introduce the magical world of theatre to a child, and encourage his or her sense of discovery. The experience of the child is paramount. They will witness, they will learn, and they will be able to creatively and actively respond to the content presented, and peak behind the curtain, so to speak, in order to learn basic backstage elements essential to theatrical performance.
Please discover how STAGEPLAY specifically fulfills state curriculum requirements for your classroom at the link below:


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