Stilwell Community Park
6402 W. 207th Street, Stilwell, KS
55 Acres


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Stilwell Community Park is Johnson County Park & Recreation District's newest park. The 55-acre park opened on June 20, 2015, and is located 1/2 mile east of Metcalf Avenue in Stilwell, Kansas.

The park is being developed through a unique partnership between JCPRD and the Stilwell Community Organization. JCPRD funded the acquisition and first phase development of the park, and the community organization has launched a capital campaign to fund future improvements.

The primary feature of the park’s phase one development is a one-mile looping trail. The asphalt trail crosses over Camp Branch Creek and traverses a wetland, grassland and riparian woodland. Other features of the park include picnic table sites, an information kiosk, a portable restroom, charcoal grills, and a paved parking lot.

Plans for future development include a playground, multi-use sports fields, a gazebo picnic shelter, and restroom building. The paved trail loop will ultimately serve as the southern access point to the future Camp Branch Streamway Trail, which is planned to connect to the Blue River Trail.

Park Police and Park Safety
If safety issues arise, contact the JCPRD Park Police by calling (913) 782-0720.

Park Hours
Open dawn to dusk daily.

  • 1-mile of paved multi-use trails (closed to motorized vehicles)
  • 4 picnic tables on concrete pads with grills (1 ADA accessible)
  • Paved parking lot
  • Portable toilet
  • No potable water
  • No electricity
  • No playground
  • Information kiosk with park map
  • Trail Ethics
    To help ensure a sustainable future for the trails and natural systems of the park, it is strongly recommended that trail users adhere to the following guidelines.

    Leave no trace. Do not hike or ride on unpaved trails when conditions may cause you to leave evidence of your passing. Using trails during wet conditions will accelerate erosion and maintenance costs.

    Stay on existing trails. Creating new trails or shortcuts negatively affects future users.

    Pack out what you pack in. Litter along the trail decreases the enjoyment for all.

    Be courteous of wildlife and other users.

    Leave nature where you find it. Please leave the wildflowers for others to enjoy.

    To check for possible park or trail
    closings please call the 24-Hour Park Information Line at (913) 312-8833.

    photo: at Stilwell Community Park

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