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The Helen Cuddy Rose Garden, Antioch Park, 6501 Antioch Road, Merriam

Gracing scenic Antioch Park, the Helen S. Cuddy Rose Garden is located in the northwest corner of the park. Designed in 1974, the rose garden is named in honor of Helen S. Cuddy (1896-1997) for her dedication to park beautification through lifelong service and work in garden club projects. The rose garden has a wide variety of beautiful trees, a sundial, fountain, gazebo, an abundance of perennials, shrubs, ornamental grasses and bulbs, and an estimated 500 different roses. The rose garden was established as a community project of the East Central Kansas Garden Club.

Rose Garden Weddings*
The Helen S. Cuddy Rose Garden is a wonderfully picturesque and is a very popular site for outdoor weddings.

*For weddings, please DO NOT use rice, it is s harmful to the wildlife. Birdseed or bubbles are suggested.

For permit information, please visit the Special Permits page or call (913) 831-3359.

Xeriscape Gardens

Xeriscaping Explained
Xeriscaping is a term meaning - water wise or water efficient landscaping. Xeriscaping is a method of gardening that involves selecting plants that are appropriate to their site and creating a landscape that can be maintained with little supplemental watering. JCPRD's only xeriscape gardens located at Antioch Park.

Xeriscape is very important for many reasons including, mainly, water conservation. Also, you will have healthier gardens and landscapes because you will reduce fertilizers and pesticides. It also assists in enriching the soil to make it moisture retentive.

The Seven Principles of Good Xeriscaping

The garden was designed to demonstrate and explain the benefits of good Xeriscaping techniques. The 7 principles of good Xeriscaping are: 1) Good planning and design; 2) Soil improvement; 3) Use of mulches and ground covers; 4) Practical lawn areas; 5) Efficient irrigation practices; 6) Appropriate maintenance techniques and 7) Appropriate plant selection (water efficient plants). These techniques have proven to save water, time and money. Irrigation is not required, only when necessary.

The demonstration gardens have become very popular for environmentally conscious patrons exercising these techniques in homes, schools, and community landscapes.

Our Gardens
JCPRD's gardens are located inside the main entrance at Antioch Park.

If interested in discussing Xeriscaping and its benefits please contact Park Planner Tod Hueser at (913) 826-3428 or Horticulturist Craig Shafar at (913) 441-8669. You may also send an email to with any questions.

The Antioch Park Memorial Arboretum
The Antioch Park Memorial Arboretum borders the Helen S. Cuddy Rose Garden in Antioch Park. The arboretum is in a beautiful area of the park that is set aside for the cultivation of trees and shrubs from all over the country. Its walkways allow park visitors to view many different types of trees and shrubs as well as providing a quiet place for thoughtful, leisurely strolls.

In Loving Memory
JCPRD's Memorials Program gives park patrons an opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life and memory in a beautiful, natural setting. Family, friends and organizations are welcome to make contributions for the planting of trees in the arboretum and other areas of JCPRD parks.

For more information, please email or call (913) 826-3438.

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