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5151 W. 175th Street, Stilwell, KS
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Camp Branch Glade is a minimally developed 58-acre park that features a unique ecosystem. Opened in November 2014, the park's forested areas and rare limestone glade habitat make it unlike any other park in the JCPRD system. Located west of Mission Road on 175th street, Camp Branch Glade will eventually be connected to two other district park properties once they are developed - the adjacent 300-acre Camp Branch Park site and the future Camp Branch Streamway Park.

Park Features

Camp Branch Glade is one of the only sites in the county with a wealth of Prickly Pear Cactus and numerous limestone features. The park contains a sinkhole, a large exposed limestone ridge, and numerous large boulders along a small intermittent stream that flows into Camp Branch Creek and then into the Blue River.

The primary feature of the park’s phase one development is a 1.5-mile trail system consisting of three different loops. It’s a nature trail for hiking and equestrian use that is surfaced with wood mulch and earthen materials. Each loop leads through a different natural area. The west loop goes through the glade. The center loop is a relatively flat and moderate trail through the cedar canopy in the center part of the park where a limestone ridge is viewable. The east trail loop goes down to the creek and along a riparian corridor to a creek crossing with an intermittent water pool. It then passes through a limestone outcropping and leads back up to the center loop.

Site Acquisition
The district’s ownership of the Camp Branch Glade property came about as the result of a real estate exchange made in 2012 with the Blue Valley School District for the former Stanley Nature Park.

Park Police and Park Safety
If safety issues arise, contact the JCPRD Park Police by calling (913) 782-0720.

Park Hours
Open dawn to dusk daily.

  • 1.5 miles of unpaved nature trails (closed to motorized vehicles)
  • 3 picnic tables on concrete pads with grills (1 ADA accessible)
  • Drinking fountain in the spring, summer and fall
  • Portable toilet
  • Paved parking lot
  • Loop drive and gravel parking area for equestrian trailers
  • Hitching posts
  • No electricity
  • No playground
  • Information kiosk with park map
Trail Ethics
To help ensure a sustainable future for the trails and natural systems of the park, it is strongly recommended that trail users adhere to the following guidelines.

Leave no trace. Do not hike or ride on unpaved trails when conditions may cause you to leave evidence of your passing. Using trails during wet conditions will accelerate erosion and maintenance costs.

Stay on existing trails. Creating new trails or shortcuts negatively affects future users.

Pack out what you pack in. Litter along the trail decreases the enjoyment for all.

Be courteous of wildlife and other users.

Leave nature where you find it. Please leave the wildflowers for others to enjoy.
To check for possible park or trail
closings please call the 24-Hour Information Line at (913) 312-8833.

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