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The District's Master Action Plan, MAP 2020, specifically recommended the updating of master plans for each park in the county system. As part of a "3 Plans for 3 Parks" project, Landplan Engineering developed and proposed master plans for Ernie Miller Park, Heritage Park, and Shawnee Mission Park. Those plans were approved by the District's Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners on December 17, 2003. In approving the Shawnee Mission Park plan, the Board instructed staff to complete additional planning for the Oakridge Farm and Stables adjacent to Shawnee Mission Park. The Oakridge Master Plan is scheduled for completion this spring.

The improvement projects listed below are part of the phased implementation of the Shawnee Mission Park Master Plan:

Shawnee Mission Park Lake Renovations

Significant modifications to Shawnee Mission Park Lake are now being completed and will continue to impact recreational water activities for the duration of the project.

Last fall the water level was drawn down to facilitate silt removal and wetland creation in the east end of the lake. This spring the lake will be temporarily re-lowered to allow for the planting of native wetland vegetation. The purpose of the project is to protect the water quality of this popular lake from increased sediment and pollutant loading due to development upstream. An improved fishery will result from the removal of sediment deposited over the past 40 years and the development of structures to help protect the lake from further siltation. Both the completion of the project and the complete refilling of the lake is especially weather dependent.

Other construction projects around the lake were also completed in conjunction with the lake draw down to improve access to the water by boat and on foot. The rip-rap that protects the dam has been complemented with new stone and the face of the dam has been reshaped to incorporate a trail for fishermen and the post-and-cable guardrail on the dam was replaced for improved safety.

Dog Off-Leash Area Improvements

Having the lake lowered also provided an excellent opportunity to make needed improvements to the dog off-leash area. Construction in the area began in August, 2007 and is scheduled for completion in early spring 2008.

The existing beach and access to the beach had degraded over time and did not meet current Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards. The dog beach has been re-graded and a new concrete sidewalk has been constructed from the ridge trail to the beach to provide an ADA-compliant access route.

Previously, the lack of fencing around the entire off-leash area had made it difficult for users to be conscious of the facility boundaries. As a result, dogs and their owners wandering outside the designated area to the adjacent slopes along the lake's edge had caused significant erosion and loss of vegetation. Containment fencing is being added to the beach area to prevent further damage.

To make it easier to maintain the area and the many improvements to the site, and for the safety of our patrons and their pets, the entire off-leash area will be closed from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. each Tuesday for maintenance.

Marina Dock Replacement

A new dock system for the Shawnee Mission Park Marina is planned for 2008. In preparation for the new dock, the old dock was removed in the fall of 2007 while the lake was lowered. Installation of the new dock is scheduled for completion by the start of the marina rental season in late May, 2008.

The new dock will be constructed of low-maintenance materials and has been designed to allow easier access to paddle boats, canoes and sail boats.

Wetland Conceptual Draft (2007):

Shawnee Mission Park
Master Plan (2003):

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