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Acquired by the Johnson County Park and Recreation District in 1987, the 363-acre Oakridge Farm property is a roughly J-shaped property adjacent to the north side of Shawnee Mission Park. The property includes the historic Mack House, which was built in the 1940s.

Planning Process
In 2006, an extensive master planning process began to determine appropriate and feasible uses for the Mack House and the surrounding property. Patti Banks Associates of Kansas City, Missouri, was hired to serve as consultants for the process.

A series of public input sessions were held in November, 2006, and a proposed plan was presented by Patti Banks Associates at a Committee of the Whole meeting of the Johnson County Park and Recreation Board of Commissioners in March, 2007.

After reviewing the proposed plan, the board directed staff and consultants to continue the planning process and to develop alternative uses for that area of the property that was currently being used for the boarding of privately-owned horses.

As part of that process a Public Planning Forum was held in May, 2007 to develop new ideas for the site. Patti Banks Associates subsequently drafted a revised version of the proposed plan that included options with and without the horse boarding operation continuing on the site.

A Committee of the Whole meeting was subsequently held later that month to review the revised plan. During its regular monthly meeting that same evening, the board voted to accept the revised plan with two options related to the horse boarding operation included. A decision on whether to implement the plan with or without stables was to be made by the board at a later date.

Planning Process (continued)
On August 15, 2007, the board readdressed the horse boarding issue at a Committee of the Whole meeting and its regular monthly meeting. During the regular meeting the board unanimously approved adoption of the planning option that did not include the horse boarding operation. The operation was subsequently closed in 2009, and the site has remained closed to the public since that time.

While budget constraints have delayed implementation of the master plan since its approval in 2007, the various capital improvement projects associated with the plan continue to be reviewed and considered annually. A concerted effort is currently underway to secure the public and private funding needed to transform the property into the Oak Ridge Lodge & Parklands and to open it to the public at the earliest possible date.

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