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Extreme Sports Facility
An extreme sports facility is proposed at a location to be determined at a future date. This facility will include a velodrome for cyclists and facilities for alternative sports such as rock climbing, skateboarding and in-line skating. This type of facility, which is to be a corroborative effort with the private sector, will help fulfill the need to target recreation opportunities to different sectors of the population and ensure that recreational needs of youth are satisfied. Activities at the facility will also provide an opportunity to attract residents who do not currently take advantage of District facilities and activities. These needs were specifically identified in the Needs Assessment.

Multi-Purpose Recreation Centers
A major finding of the Needs Assessment study is the widespread support for multi-purpose recreation centers. These facilities normally include 1-2 gymnasiums for basketball and volleyball, weight and cardio-fitness areas, an indoor pool, senior activities, meeting rooms, an indoor running track and multi-use space. It is expected that four (4) such facilities are needed to serve the existing and projected future populations. It is recommended that one of these facilities, developed in conjunction with a municipality, also include an aquatic center. Although specific locations for these facilities are not identified, it is recommended that they be located in CPAs 1, 2, and 3, where the majority of the County's population is centered or will be centered in 2020.

Scenic Roadway System
The creation of a countywide scenic roadway system is recommended. The routes selected should highlight areas of particular natural beauty and minimal development. As a component of the proposed open space system, these scenic roadways would satisfy two objectives. First, they would provide a pleasant identified route for County residents and visitors to enjoy the act of driving as recreation. Second, similar to Streamway parks, the scenic roadways would provide a connection/linkage between the County's parks, open spaces and recreational facilities. The Scenic Roadway System is recommended only in conceptual form. It is suggested that, as the municipal and county road system is expanded, improved and renovated, more attention be given to preserving attractive views and creating beautiful roadways that are a pleasure to use. The proposed system must be planned and coordinated with the County Area Roadway Network Plan (CARNP) for Johnson County in order to insure that these objectives are met and duplication of roadways avoided.

Streamway Parks (Streamway Parks and Trails)
The Streamway Park System is recommended for expansion from 568 acres to 5,114 acres. This expansion includes every major creek in the County and connects almost all of the existing and future parks via trails and linkages. The District should acquire approximately 2,046 additional acres (or 40 percent of the future total) along all of the existing County streams. Such expansion should provide a 400 foot average minimum width, including the stream. The balance of the new 5,114 acres (or 3,068 acres) should be acquired and provided by others in a manner similar to that provided by the City of Overland Park and other municipalities in the eastern part of the County. It is contemplated that part of the remaining land be integrated into a countywide stormwater management program that would regulate floodplains and establish stream setbacks and buffers. Additional Streamway park acquisitions should be a high priority of the District in order to transform the local trail systems into a regional trail system and avoid the potential loss of trail right-of-way to future development.

Wetland Restoration
Existing wetlands in the County have been significantly modified. Alterations in the water level dynamics, particularly the elevation and stabilization of water levels, have resulted from the construction of roads and ditches and the damming of streams. The principal benefits arising from continued maintenance of wetlands include, but are not limited to, stormwater storage, natural wildlife habitat, pollution filtration and ecological education. In recognition of these benefits, where such wetlands exist in District parks, it is recommended that they be maintained and enhanced to increase those benefits. In addition, the substantial wetlands located along the southerly banks of the Kansas River provide an opportunity for significant additional open space to be provided. While it is recommended to acquire only 90 acres of wetlands, the potential for additional acquisition is much greater. The wetlands located along the Kansas River and designated on the County-wide map, if acquired in total, represent an opportunity to retain an additional 4,500 acres of open space.

General Recommendations
The following recommendations are of a general nature and apply to the District as a whole or its operations:
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