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Blue River Streamway Park (Streamway Park/Trail)
This is a future Streamway park located near the confluence of Blue River and Camp Branch Creeks. Additional land for expansion could be provided in the form of a conservation easement, while other land expansion could be by fee simple acquisition. A Streamway park and trail is recommended along the Blue River. The property is mostly forested and the topography is very interesting. The Blue River Middle School has started a wetland restoration lab area nearby.

Camp Branch Creek Park (Streamway Park/Trail)
In the lower southeast corner of the county, there exists an opportunity for enlarging the present undeveloped park and making it part of the Camp Branch Streamway Park. This future park site is currently located in a rural area and the priority for a park at this location is low. As the County continues to develop, however, this park is recommended for enlargement.

Heritage Park (Regional Park with Golf Course)
Note: All improvements recommended for Heritage Park have been combined in this CPA #4 listing despite the fact that portions of the proposed park expansion will be located in CPA #2. It is recommended that the park be increased in size to be more than double its present acreage and be joined with the City of Overland Park Arboretum via a new Coffee Creek Streamway Park and Trail. Planning efforts have focused in the past on providing recreational facilities, however more attention needs to be placed on providing more recreation facilities within an attractive park-like setting. The specific recommendations are as follows:
Potential Sub-Regional Park (SRP)
As suitable property becomes available for a sub-regional park within this CPA, the District should coordinate its acquisition and development. An existing example of such property is the vacant 63.3-acre parcel at the southwest corner of I-435 and US Route 69. While the site has poor vehicular access, it could function very well as a special use park or nature preserve.
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