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The District’s 20-year Master Action Plan, MAP 2020, specifically recommended updating the master plans for each park in the county system. A master planning process for Antioch Park began in late 2002 and in April 2003, consultants with Theis Dolittle Associates Inc. completed and successfully sought approval of a new master plan for the facility calling for $4 million in improvements to be completed over four phases.

In October 2003, the District began $1.2 million in improvements and renovations representing Phase 1 of improvements. The improvements were to be made over seven months with completion by June 1, 2004. Access to the park will be maintained throughout the project, although it is anticipated the park's main drive will likely be narrowed to one lane during replacement of the stormwater culvert. The public will be notified through this website and through the media when that element of the project is to begin.

Major goals of Phase I include increasing water quality in the park’s two small lakes and developing a one-mile loop trail around the park. For more information and additional project elements, click on the map at right. Pyramid Excavation & Construction, Inc. is the general contractor for Phase I improvements, while Tetra Tech Em Inc., is the engineering consultant.

The park’s master plan also calls for an additional $2.8 million in improvements to be completed in three future phases. These phases have not been budgeted or scheduled at this time and are contingent upon the community’s ongoing support for MAP2020 - the District’s master action plan for maintaining existing parks while acquiring and developing sufficient parkland to meet Johnson County’s ever- increasing recreational needs.

Park Facts & Figures
  • 44 acres
  • The District's first developed park.
  • Dodge Town Play Town, one of the oldest and most popular children's play areas in Johnson County.
  • Helen Cuddy Rose Garden and Memorial Arboretum.
  • North Lake and South Lake fishing lakes.
  • Basketball and tennis courts, and four picnic shelters.
MAP 2020 Recommendations for Antioch Park

Map notes for Antioch Park Master Plan - Phase I
1. South Lake Improvements
Draining, Dredging, Dam Restoration, Aeration, Shoreline Planting, South Shore Boardwalk - wood structure and decking
2. North Lake Improvements
Draining, Dredging, Dam Restoration, Aeration, Shoreline Planting, Elevated Boardwalks through Native Wetland Plantings
3. Stream Improvements
Channel Stabilization, Stormwater Pipe Replacement, Erosion Control Interpretive Signage
4. Paved Loop Trail
One-Mile Paved Trail, Bridge Crossing Creek in Woodland Area
5. Fencing Along Antioch Road
Limestone-Clad posts with Cedar Rails
6. Primative Trails South of South Lake Dam
Limestone Screenings Trail, Native Plantings, Erosion Control
Phased Improvements
Four phases of improvements for Antioch Park are summarized on the following page:

To see a complete list of all Phase 1 improvements click here.
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