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George Schlagel is Newest JCPRD Board Member
POSTED: 11/16/2006
George J. Schlagel of Olathe was recently appointed by the Board of Johnson County Commissioners to serve as the sixth district's at-large representative to the Board of the Johnson County Park and Recreation District.

"I look at the public parks in the county as an investment by the taxpayers in the quality of life of our residents," Schlagel said. "I believe we all 'own' the parks. I anticipate looking for opportunities to maximize our investment in our parks for the betterment of Johnson County."

Schlagel is a senior member of the Olathe law firm of Schlagel Damore & Kinzer LLC and has been practicing law since he received his law degree from the University of Kansas in 1974. In addition, he holds a bachelor's degree in business, also from KU. He is an accredited estate planner and a past president and 30-year member of the Olathe Area Chamber of Commerce.

A fourth-generation resident of Johnson County., He and his wife, Gale, are the parents of three children; Anne', 19; Andra 22, and Aaron, 26.

Among his current community involvements, Schlagel is vice chairman of the Johnson County Soil Conservation District; Chairman of the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Foundation; and a board member and secretary for Retrouvaille of Kansas City, Inc., an organization working with couples in troubled marriages.

He is a former chairman of the local United Way and a long time member of the Olathe Rotary Club, where he is a past president, a two-time Paul Harris Fellow, and a member of the Bequest Society. He has served on several Johnson County government committees, including the 1986 committee which successfully promoted the 1986 passage of a dedicated sales tax for the District's streamway parks, and hie has served as legal council for the Spring Hill and Olathe Township Zoning Boards.

"As a 4th generation county resident, I believe I bring a perspective to the District that encourages public ownership of parks for the benefit of as many of the potential users as feasible while recognizing the rights of current owners as they interface with the District," Schlagel said. "I grew up on farms first at 116th and Switzer and then across the road from Heritage Park. I have long supported the stream way park system. I live on a stream way park in Olathe and the Indian Creek trail goes through our old farm. I recognize the benefits of open space for those residents of the county who do not live next to what I have enjoyed my entire life."

Schlagel steps into a term on the District Board which will run through Jan. 31, 2008.

"One of the strengths of the District is the staff of employees and administrators which is dedicated to providing a quality open-air experience to as many people in the county as possible," Schlagel said. "Some challenges that I anticipate are the balancing of future park needs with current finances; and, providing for maximum resident usage of the District’s parks and programs in a safe environment."

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