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Donations of animal supplies sought through Holidays for the Animals program at Ernie Miller Nature Center
POSTED: 12/03/2012
Individuals, families, and groups wanting to make a difference are invited to consider contributing a gift to the animals at the Ernie Miller Nature Center through a program called Holidays for the Animals.

The Ernie Miller Nature Center, located at 909 N. Kansas 7 Highway, Olathe, has ongoing needs for supplies for both the animals kept at the center and the wild animals which come to the feeders.

To find this program in the JCPRD’s Activities catalog and online listings, browse first under fun for all and then under special events. In the catalog and when using the website’s advanced search, look for the keyword “animals.”

Donations are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please look over the following list and consider making a contribution: various sizes of clear Critter Keeper boxes from pet stores with snap tops for transporting animals to programs; bags of black oil sunflower, white millet, or safflower seeds for bird feeders (Finch seed mix is the only seed mix we will accept); bags of Purina rodent chow for mice raised in animal room; bags of pine shavings for mouse cage bedding; bags of Rabbit chow: rolls of one-quarter-inch and three-eighths-inch hemp rope for hawk and owl perches; water bowls for reptile cages (the pet store kind that look like rocks); wood furniture for reptile cages (branches, vines & log shelters- need the pet store kind that are treated for insects); ferret hammocks/sleeping bags; bleach, Lysol or disinfecting cleaner for disinfecting hummingbird feeders and general cleaning: small animal water bottles (1 pint to 1 quart sizes); reptile heat lamps, pads or mats; gift cards to Lifetime Pet (in Olathe), Wal-Mart, local pet stores, Price Chopper, etc.

Donors who wish to be recognized will have their names listed in the Nature Center’s Tracks newsletter and in an advertisement in the Spring issue of Activities, so please take time to fill out a card at the Nature Center!

For more information, call the Ernie Miller Nature Center at (913) 764-7759.

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